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The Rise and Fall Of “The Otaku Momentum”

Neokage, Midori, Tink, and Ninja commando from Hell, Nabeshin

Neokage, Midori, Tink, and Ninja commando from Hell, Nabeshin

Neokage and Waznotta were one half of an anime podcast called The Otaku Momentum. Neokage started the podcast to talk about anime and make inappropriate jokes. Starting off with a mic from the videogame Rockband, and a frankinstein computer, put together from other broken computers, he released the first episode.  Shortly after the start of the podcast he met Waznotta. He had recently introduced Waz to anime and wanted an excuse to further force his hobby onto him. After a few shows he was hooked. Soon after other members joined. Midori and Tink joined the show rounding out our ranks and The Otaku Momentum was formed!

Tink with Kyle Hebert

Tink with Kyle Hebert

Many years went by and things changed. Adult obligations demanded more of our time and we couldn’t get together to podcast anymore. Using Skype worked for a while, but it wasn’t as fun as joking around in person. Midori moved further away. People didn’t have time watch the shows to review them. Finally it got to the point that whole shows would go by with one cohost or another doing nothing but stating their name at the intro.  At this point Neokage came to the conclusion that it wasn’t fun to do the show anymore and pulled the plug. After all, if it wasn’t fun it wasn’t worth doing.


Joanne keeping Waznotta in line


The Rise Of “Otaku Into It”

One year later Neokage and Tink had married and moved to a neighborhood closer to Waznotta. Waznotta approached Neokage with The idea of getting the podcast back together. Neokage agreed with the stipulation that before starting again that the reasons the last show failed be recognised and fixed before they began recording again. They agreed and began setting up the new podcast. They wanted to resurect the old show but there where two issues. Midori was too far to record in person and when the url expired someone immediatly grabbed it and was trying to sell it back to them. At this point Neokage decided to retire the old podcast name, both out of respect for Midori and to avoid paying some random dipshit. After much debating the new podcast name “Otaku into it” was born! A name to define their new “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” style of reviewing. Not sure if the newest anime or videogame is worth your time? If we think it is, and your on the fence, it’s our job to otaku into it.


The Otaku Momentum with Lauren Landa

The Otaku Momentum with Lauren Landa

The Hosts:


Waznotta started off as a quiet, soft spoken guy., However, through the influence of Neokage and Roundpeg from the 2Lazy2BOtaku podcast he has transformed into the king of inappropriate, perverse comments.

Neokage is the loud, obnoxious one that usually hijacks the conversation, causing it to derail completely for the soul purpose of making yet another dick joke. He gets the show edited and uploaded…late…everytime. An anime fan for over 18 years and running he’s more than happy to throw his unwelcomed opinion everywhere.

Tink is the cattle prod that Neokage so badly needs to keep his dumb ass in line. Also, she is probably the only one who can pronounce most Japanese words without embarrassing herself. One of the most rabid of VA fangirls, she is facebook and twitter friends with almost every anime VA out there and was resposible for getting the great Kyle Hebert to come on The Otaku Momentum’s 100th podcast.

Joanne is the cosplayer and con addict. Addicted to Disney princess and magical girls you would think that she would’nt fit in with these ne’er-do-wells. On the contrary, she’s marrying one of them! Her fiance Waznotta has a talent for making her hyperventilate with laughter on the show which often leads to her choking him randomly throughout the show. Joanne has a talent for digging up crazy news stories. Why, without here, we wouldn’t have found out about the Attack on Titan themed porno!