Neokage Has Turned The Tables On Waznotta And Now He Pays For It In The Form Of Being Spanked

Let me explain.  Neokage and I went to this hetalia panel where it was truth or dare and so they were asking people from the audience to come up and participate in it. So I figured I’d volunteer Neokage up to go do it hoping that he would be dared something funny or if he denied the dare he’d have to pay the penalty of being spanked. Which I did by jumping up and down pointing to Neokage saying “pick him, pick him.”

 But no Neokage was on the top of his game that night and unfortunately for me I wasn’t completely sober. So as he’s up there in line they start asking the volunteers if they want to do the asking of truth or dare or be asked it.   I’m just thinking well this isn’t going to be good. Finally when Neokage gets to be asked he had already thought of a way to get me back for volunteering  him to go up. When asked Neokage dared France, “I dare you to give my drunk friend who volunteered me up here the punishment”. Which was to be spanked.

So pretty much from there its history.  Also when they asked if I wanted another one I was like “sure”. All and all it was a good panel and a great time but I will get Neokage back one of these days.

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