Starbomb The Album

I’ve been following Egoraptor since I started watching Youtube, and several years later I discovered the band Ninja Sex Party. Never did I expect the two to meet. I was amazed and excited when Danny Sexbang and Egoraptor decided to team up when they started doing “Game Grumps”. It was like worlds colliding for me! So, when they decided to make a videogame based album, I had to listen, and I was not disappointed. Starbomb was like it was made for me. I have no issues with rap, but I can’t identify with the whole “bitches and money” scene. This album doesn’t deal with that at all. It’s all about classic games we all grew up on and given a modern day hardcore feel. If you were a Nintendo nerd who wants some hardcore music in his life I really recomend this on Itunes.