Coscase a suitcase for cosplayers .


Are you tired of having to hold a mirror in one hand and use the other hand to apply makeup? Would you like to carry around your cosplay outfit and whatever prop/umbrella that you have with you that day using one hand? Well say no more because now there’s a suitcase for cosplayers called Coscase.  Unfortunately it’s actually not here yet. The Manufacturer Frentrep is crowdfunding Coscase on Motion Gallery, a Japanese crowdfunding website. Frentrep needs at least $31,000 by 31st March 2014 in order to proceed with making this product. I do find it interesting how the amount they need and the due date are very similar. It’s almost like they pulled the due date out of nowhere but that’s neither here nor there. 

coscase view

The measurements of the Coscase are  24.5 x 60 x 41 cm and weighing little under 10 lbs. So if your looking for something to pump iron with then maybe this product isn’t for you. The size of the Coscase is made small enough to fit between most bus seats. Though the Coscase is small it does expand (kind of like most guys) to accommodate storage of a wig case. The front of the Coscase comes in black, light blue, and purple and the side and back straps come in several colors of which customers can choose two of their liking. The side straps are used to carry an umbrella or a prop like a katana. Also as seen from above your able to have a makeup table for a mirror, which is located inside the pouch. So there you go Neokage now you’ll be able to do your makeup without smearing it all over your face! Though I know you have come rather fond to that but never again will you or anybody else look like a crazed clown or a slutty prostitute while trying to cosplay.

Of course there’s many other features that the Coscase has blah blah blah etc…. So here’s a video to explain.

Hopefully you knew Japanese because I have no idea what that guy was saying.

So your probably wondering how much does this magnificent product cost and if not then you might as well stop reading because i’m going to tell you anyways. Neokage……. shield your eyes. The Coscase is sold for $150. So not to bad of a price though if I only had one cosplay outfit and cosplayed once a year I probably wouldn’t buy it. So if this is something that appeals to you then go for it and try it out before the project gets shut down!